Thanksgiving Dinner サンクスギビングディナー

Today is Thanksgiving Day!  I wish everyone enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends.  This year, I prepared Thanksgiving dinner along with my beauty food concept.  People would traditionally roast a whole turkey but I bought and roast a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey and then served it with lots of vegetables.  Turkey breasts contain little less calories and fat and a little more protein compared to wings, legs, and dark meat parts.  As for vegetables, I roasted yukon gold potatoes and purple onions with rosemary.  I also roasted beautiful purple carrots with chopped parsley and then marinated them with balsamic vinegar.  I boiled broccoli rabe to add a nice green color in the dish.  According to this article,, purple carrots have lots of benefits and one of them is that they are even higher in antioxidants than orange carrots!
This is a gratin with small brussels sprouts and grape tomatoes.  I found a bag of small brussels sprouts in a Whole Foods Market and I thought they looked cute!  I wanted to make a festive looking gratin and I made this for the first time, and it went very well.  My family who usually say "I don't like brussels sprouts" ate this well and I was glad to see that.  This could be good for Christmas, too!
This is a kale salad with buckwheat, roasted yams, goat cheese, avocados, chopped walnuts, and pomegranates. 
I used this organic buckwheat which I bought in a Whole Foods Market.
These are buckwheat seeds.  I boiled them and then mixed them in the kale salad.  According to this article,, it states, "buckwheat contains large amount of rutin which is beneficial in protecting against skin damage caused by the sun."  This article also says that buckwheat has powerful antioxidant activities and it would help to have healthy hair.  Moreover, buckwheat would be good to people who want to have gluten-free food!   
I also prepared beets risotto.  I used two beets and mixed some tomatoes as well as freshly grated parmesan cheese. 
Dessert was a pumpkin pie with whipped cream!  The dinner was mainly vegetable, yet I was full!


Jellied Rosehip & Hibiscus Tea ローズヒップ&ハイビスカスティーのゼリー寄せ

In my past article (, I had introduced "Beauty Skin Tonic", a tea of blending elderberries, rosehips, hibiscus, schisandra berries, rosebuds and petals, which I buy from Physical Graffitea in East Village.  I truly love this tea and I have been thinking if I can use this tea to make some food.  I then prepared jellied rosehip & hibiscus tea!  I mixed some fresh raspberries as well as the herbs after I used for tea into the jellied dish.  According to this article (, raspberries rank among the fruits with the highest antioxidant strength.  Several articles in Japanese including this ( also mention that raspberries have significant antioxidant activity.  As a dessert, it is not sweet, therefore I poured honey on the top when I ate this!  This looks very pretty, right?
以前の記事(で、私がイーストビレッジのフィジカルグラフィティーで買っている「ビューティスキントニック」という、エルダーベリー、ローズヒップ、ハイビスカス、シザンドラベリー、バラのつぼみと花びらをブレンドしたお茶のことをご紹介させていただきました。私はこのお茶が本当に大好きで、このお茶を使って何か食べ物がつくれないかしらと思ってきました。それでつくってみたのが、ローズヒップ&ハイビスカスティーのゼリー寄せです!新鮮なラズベリーと、お茶に使った後のハーブも、このゼリー寄せに混ぜています。こちらの記事 (によると、ラズベリーはフルーツの中で抗酸化作用が最も強いとか。こちらの記事( を含むいくつかの日本語の記事でも、ラズベリーは強い抗酸化作用があると書かれています。デザートとしていただくには、このままでは甘みが足りないので、ハチミツをかけていただきました!見た目、とってもきれいでしょ?
For a party, this presentation could be fun, too!


Finger Foods with Christmas Colors クリスマスカラーのフィンガーフード

Today, I prepared two kinds of finger foods with red, green and white.  I think these would be fun to have in upcoming holiday season!  One is roasted Brussel sprouts with roasted and marinated beets as well as mozzarella cheese.  Brussel sprout is one of the vegetables which particularly contain Vitamin C!  I love roasted Brussel sprouts!  I used generous amount of Balsamic vinegar when I marinated beets.  I think goat cheese would work well with Brussel sprouts and beets, but when I put them together with a toothpick, I think mozzarella cheese would be easy to handle. 
For the other one, I used cucumbers, low fat cream cheese, and pomegranates.  They look cute, don't they?   Both of the finger foods were very delicious!


Kimchi キムチ

Earlier this week, I was lucky to receive homemade kimchi from my friend, Mei!  Homemade kimchi is the best!  I am usually concerned about the smell of garlic but when I don't have to worry about bothering other people, I would be happy to eat kimchi.  Lactic acid bacteria as well as red chili pepper contained in kimchi are known to be particularly beneficial for skin.  The red chili pepper contains Vitamin A more than any other vegetable.  According to this article,, Vitamin A helps the skin rebuild tissues and it is also a great anti-aging nutrient.  Tonight, I prepared nabe or hot pot dish with kimchi as well as clams which contain zinc and tofu which contains isofurabon. 
The other day, I added kimchi to soupy rice with miso and that was good, too.  I put hard boiled eggs on the top in order to add bright color.
I also included kimchi to okonomiyaki or Japanese pancake.  I put chopped konnyaku or Japanese jelly-like food made from a konnyaku yam as well as some pieces of pork and that was very tasty!  Now, I spent all the kimchi.  Too bad!




Indian Spiced Banana Bread インド風味のバナナブレッド

My regular banana bread has been very popular among my family and friends, but today, I baked a Indian spiced banana bread with cardamom and cinnamon.  I had introduced some benefits of cardamom in my past article (, and I would appreciate it if you could take a look of the article.  Regarding cinnamon, according to this article (, cinnamon is one of the top seven anti-oxidants in the world and also could boost your metabolism!  I also put nutmeg, too.  In this article (, it is stated that nutmeg can make skin look clearer and brighter!  I am also glad to learn that nutmeg could help us to sleep better and also it has proven antibacterial properties that protect our teeth and gums!  The taste?  I like the both! 


Finger Food Style Chicken フィンガーフードスタイルのチキン

Holiday season is approaching and I have been thinking how to serve chicken as a finger food.  Tonight, I prepared two different versions of finger food style chicken.  I marinated pieces of protein rich chicken breast with many different ingredients and seasonings including grated onion, soy bean miso, honey, black sesame, and ginger, and then grilled them in an oven.  After they were cooked, I coated some pieces of chicken with grated Vitamin E rich almonds and then attached the other pieces of chicken with Vitamin C rich pineapples with toothpicks.  I liked the both versions, and the chicken was so tender! 


Wild Rice ワイルドライス

I used to believe that "wild rice" was rice, but I later learned that wild rice was not rice; it was grass.  Wild rice has nutty flavor and I think it produces a long-lasting feeling of satiety, but as it is not rice, we won't have to worry about gaining weight by eating wild rice.  Wild rice is a gluten free food, so it would be good for people who would like to avoid gluten.  The other day, I introduced some benefits of wild rice at, and I then prepared another wild rice salad.  The other day, I did not use any leaf vegetable but here, I mixed mustard green.  I think kale would be good, too!
Also, I put wild rice in a mushroom soup tonight and it was QUITE delicious!  I put garlic, onion, milk, heavy cream as well as freshly-grated Parmesan cheese and then put chopped parsley on the top. 


Lunch for Reunion 同窓会用ランチ

Today, I was asked to prepare lunch for a reunion of a Japanese female school which was held in a personal residence, and I prepared eight dishes.
This is hors d'oeuvre with Belgian endive which I have introduced in a past post at
This is my signature green vegetable and tofu quiche which I have introduced before as well at
This is persimmon wrapped with prosciutto and cherry tomato.
This is my favorite wild rice salad.  Various kinds of vegetables, fruits and nuts are included here.  According to this article,, wild rice contains twice as much protein as brown rice and it is very rich in antioxidants.  Moreover, wild rice keeps your digestion smooth and helps lower cholesterol, and it contains Vitamin A, C, and E which are all good for skin as well.
こちらは私のお気に入りのワイルドライスサラダです。さまざまな野菜、フルーツ、ナッツが入っています。この記事(によりますと、ワイルドライスは玄米の2倍のたんぱく質を含み、強い抗酸化作用があるとのこと。さらに、ワイルドライスは消化を助け、コレステロールを低くするのに役立ち、肌に良いビタミンA, C, Eも含んでいます。
This is caponata which I have introduced before at  It goes really well with wine!
This is the apple loaf I had introduced before at, but this time, I used whole wheat flour instead of unbleached all purpose flour.  I think either one was delicious!
These are sea scallops and roasted red bell peppers cooked with saffron cream sauce.  According to this article,, sea scallops contain various nutritional elements including protein, selenium, zinc, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and potassium which are all beneficial for skin and have low calories. 

These are sautéed sword fishes with chopped tomatoes, yellow and orange bell peppers, and parsley on top.  I bought both the sea scallops and sword fish in the green market right near the location this morning, and the vendor told me that they were caught in the Hamptons yesterday morning.  I was very careful about not to cook the scallops and fish too long and both went very well, and everyone said everything was very delicious and looked beautiful!  Some people said to me, "they were heartwarming foods" and that made me very happy as well!
She is Ms. Nozomi Terao who organized the reunion in her residence.  Thank you very much Nozomi san for such a wonderful opportunity to introduce my beauty foods!
This was when I was cooking the sword fishes in Nozomi san's kitchen this morning.
As it was a reunion of a female school, everyone had very lively chatting from the beginning to end.