NY Style Beauty Food Brunch and Organic Oil Seminar in Tokyo NYスタイルの美容食ブランチとオーガニックオイルの集い(東京)

Hello, everyone.  I recently visited Japan and held an event collaborated with my friend and aroma therapist, Ms. Mika Hanai from Blooming Aroma.  This was a closed event for our friends and acquaintance, and 25 people including us got together.  I am so relieved when many people came up to me to say "delicious!"  Thank you so much for everyone who attended!
Mika gave a mini lecture about oil for the first thirty minutes.  She let attendees taste organic tsubaki (camellia flower) oil for eating and for putting on skin respectively.
After the lecture was done, we started buffet style brunch.  I prepared two different salads.  One was kale salad with red and yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, walnuts, and goat cheese.  The other one was green salad with three different leaf vegetables, cucumbers, yellow apple, and pistachio.  I used the organic tsubaki oil and turmeric in the dressing for the green salad.  I had to go to many stores to look for kale and goat cheese, and I am glad that I was able to find them!  After all, I bought kale in National Azabu in Hiroo, and goat cheese in Seijo Ishii in Musashi Kosugi.
As strawberry was in season, I prepared appetizer with strawberry and small tomato.  The white part was mascarpone cheese, and the dark color sauce was balsamic glaze.
As this was brunch, I prepared two different kinds of bread dishes.  One was bagel with cream cheese mixed with smoked salmon.  This is the standard in New York!  The bagel was from and baking in Tokyo.  I have a friend who has been teaching New York style breads in Tokyo for 20 years and she is about to close her class, but she introduced a baker who inherited her taste.
I also prepared avocado toast.  The bread was sour dough bread from and baking.  I wanted to use green apple for the topping but I realized that there was no store which carried green apple, so I used yellow apple instead.  I wish I could have found micro green like those I see in farmers market in New York, but I managed to use different green leaves for the topping.
As for the tea, I served two of my favorite teas.  One was earl gray with lavender from T Salon.  The other was cinnamon spice tea from Physical Graffitea.  Both of the teas were very well accepted.

Everyone enjoyed eating and chatting.  I truly appreciate for the good connection including those whom I haven't seen for a long time as well as those whom I met for the first time.  For the next time, I would like to do better and try it again.

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