The First YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Kitchen 第1回 YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Kitchen

Hello, everyone!  Last night, I had the first YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Kitchen!  There are many women who are interested in my foods but do not cook on regular basis.  I have been hoping more people to try my foods in cozy environment, and enjoy conversation over my foods.  This is still in my experimental stage, yet seven women participated on the 7th of July, and we started at 7:00 p.m.  Lots of seven!  This sounds like a good start!
皆様、こんにちは!昨晩、第1回YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Kitchenを開催いたしました!私の料理に興味をもってくださっても、ご自分ではあまり料理をされないという女性、結構いらっしゃいます。より多くの方に私の料理を気楽な環境でトライしていただき、私の料理を囲んで会話を楽しんでいただきたいなと思ってきました。まだ実験段階ですが、7月7日に7人の女性が集まり、7時にスタート。7がいっぱいですね!いいスタートがきれたようです!
I got the peonies and gypsophila in the Whole Foods Market in Union Square.  They are very pretty!
I prepared five dishes.  This is watermelon Caprese.  The round watermelons are pretty!  These watermelon balls absorbed balsamic vinegar.  The combination of the watermelon and mozzarella cheese was pretty good!  Some edible flowers were included in the leaf vegetables.
This is a salad with prosciutto di Parma.  This included peach and fig which are in season.  The arugula which I bought in the farmers market in Union Square yesterday morning was very fresh, too.
Vegetables I prepared were mostly fresh, but I also roasted golden beets and kohlrabi, and decorated them with the topping of chopped pistachio as well as celery leaves which one of the participants brought. 
Everyone was very impressed with the tenderness of the squids in this salad.  I had posted this salad in my Instagram before, and it was well received.  I am glad that people had an opportunity to try this and they loved it.  I forgot to tell people, but this salad did not contain any oil.
This might have been most popular dish this time.  These are homemade oil sardines.  I placed them with fresh tomatoes, black olives, and chopped basils.  I believe that this dish could disrupt the usual image of oil sardines, and lift up the image of oil sardines. 

I prepared baguettes as well as this herb butter.  This butter turned out to be very popular as well!  I added three kinds of herbs as well as garlic and lime juice.
This sangria was well received, too!  It contains apple, strawberry, and lemon.  This looks pretty, too.

I was very happy to watch people were enjoying my foods as well as the conversation! 
Ms. Keiko Sheldrake from Cakes by koko brought her low sugar and gluten free cake!  According to Keiko, sugar contained in this piece of cake has 7 to 8 grams without including the sugar in berries, while usual Japanese cakes contain approximately 25 grams of sugar and usual American cakes contain about 40 grams.  This cake was very light and delicious, so it was easy for us to complete this cake after we ate lots of foods!
Cakes by kokoを主宰されているシェルドレイク慶子さんは、低糖質でグルテンフリーのケーキをつくってきてくださいました!慶子さんによると、このケーキに含まれている糖質は、ベリーの糖質を除くと7-8グラムだそうで、通常の日本のケーキは25グラムくらい、アメリカのケーキは40グラムくらい糖質を含んでいるそうです。このケーキ、とっても軽くて美味しく、たくさん食べた後でも軽く食べられてしまいました!
One of the participants had her birthday the day before, therefore we added candles before we cut the cake to celebrate!
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