Enzyme Syrup with Red Shiso 赤紫蘇入り酵素シロップ

Hello, everyone.  On Saturday, I had a chance to stop by the farmers market in Union Square in NYC.  I got a bunch of red and green shiso respectively.  Shiso contains lots of beta carotene which has antioxidant power!  It is also rich in vitamin A which helps to keep skin and mucous membranes healthy. I have heard that red shiso juice is delicious, and I was interested in making that. However, I realized that I need to put lots of sugar to make red shiso juice, and that discouraged me to do so as sugar is not good for skin.  I then thought about using the red shiso for enzyme syrup.  So this is what I prepared this morning.  In addition to red shiso, I put fuji apple, peaches, three different kinds of pears, pineapple, watermelon, and fresh ginger!  Pineapple is organic which I bought in a local supermarket, and the rest is from farmers market!  I look forward to tasting this!  By the way, the shiso was only $2.00 for this generous portion!  ( I still have some.)  The farmers market in Union Square is the best!

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