Spring Cooking Class 春のお料理教室

Hello, everyone.  Yesterday, I had my cooking class in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Thank you very much for everyone who joined!
This class was a collaboration with my dear friend, AK who is singer songwriter.  AK has another talent which is table coordination!  She prepared this fantastic table setting which is very suitable for this spring cooking class!  Thank you so much, AK san!
Everyone was so amazed with the beautiful table setting! 
The main dish was salt-roasted fish and root vegetables.  I got one approximately 2.6 pounds of local whole wild black sea bass from Fresh Direct and root vegetables from the farmers market in Union Square in the morning.
Everyone touched the salt to make sure the level of the moist condition.

This was when I tried to open the salt crust.  This is pretty fun process. 
This is it!  I am glad that I chose colorful carrots, beats, and purple potatoes!  The pasta on the right is a pasta with homemade oil sardines and tomatoes.  One of the participants yesterday saw this in my blog and she wanted me to do this in my cooking class.  I was able to obtain sardines a couple days in advance therefore, I included this for this class. 
These are finger foods and salad.  Herrings in mustard sauce are included here.  There were a lot of fish this time!
Lunch time was started with creamy tomato soup!
Everyone said "delicious!" and that made me very happy!
Ms. Keiko Sheldrake who is one of the participants brought her cake pops with cherry blossoms for dessert!  This was too pretty to eat!  Keiko san has been making cup cakes and cake pops as cakes by koko.  Thank you very much, Keiko san for making these pretty cake pops!
参加者のお1人、シェルドレイク慶子さんがデザートにと、桜の花がついたケーキポップスをつくってきてくださいました!食べるのがもったいないくらい可愛かったです!慶子さんは、cakes by kokoとしてカップケーキとケーキポップスをつくっていらっしゃいます。慶子さん、可愛いケーキポップスをつくってきてくださって、本当にありがとうございました!
The lady in the center is Keiko san.  We had this dessert with my favorite tea which contains hibiscus, rosehip, and three different kinds of berries.  That is available at Physical Graffitea in East Village as "Beauty Skin Tonic."   I am very grateful to share the great time with everyone!  Thank you so much!
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