Wild Rice ワイルドライス

I used to believe that "wild rice" was rice, but I later learned that wild rice was not rice; it was grass.  Wild rice has nutty flavor and I think it produces a long-lasting feeling of satiety, but as it is not rice, we won't have to worry about gaining weight by eating wild rice.  Wild rice is a gluten free food, so it would be good for people who would like to avoid gluten.  The other day, I introduced some benefits of wild rice at, and I then prepared another wild rice salad.  The other day, I did not use any leaf vegetable but here, I mixed mustard green.  I think kale would be good, too!
Also, I put wild rice in a mushroom soup tonight and it was QUITE delicious!  I put garlic, onion, milk, heavy cream as well as freshly-grated Parmesan cheese and then put chopped parsley on the top.