Plum Sake with No Sugar from Ninohe, Iwate 岩手県二戸市の砂糖なし梅酒

Hello, everyone!  This past Friday night, I attended a special event which promotes products from Ninohe, Iwate, Japan.  The location was the Japanese restaurant, En!  Ninohe is especially known as place for manufacturing Japanese sake and urushi (Japanese wood lacquer).  "Nambu Bijin" is the brand for the sake produced in Ninohe, and four different kinds of Nambu Bijin were brought for this event!
I enjoy drinking sake, but I am little bit concerned that we tend to gain weight by drinking alcoholic beverages.  However, this plum sake does not contain any sugar!  The natural sweetness is generated from Koji (steamed rice that has had koji-kin), so it seems that we do not have to worry about gaining weight by drinking this plum sake!  That's great!  According to Ms. Chizuko Niikawa-Helton, the President of Sake Discoveries, LLC who has been involving in various sake events in New York including this one, koji has very strong benefits for skin! 
The color is pale pink and it looks like rose wine.  The taste was very good! According to Chizuko, this pale pink is generated from plum's polyphenol.  The details about this plum sake can be found here
The foods were very good as well and some of them contained ingredients from Ninohe.  The front ones are shumai with tofu skin which is rich in isoflavone and fresh matsutake mushroom.  The ones behind are wagyu and fermented black garlic from Ninohe City. 
I loved this truffle chawanmushi (egg custard) as well!
This kinoko Tankyu nabe contained soy milk.  The taste was nice and tender.
There is another event about Ninohe in Japan Society in New York on the 6th.  The title is "The Art of Japanese Urushi & Sake Tasting" and the admission is free but reservation is required.  Please check here for the details.

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