Beet and Apple Salad ビーツとリンゴのサラダ

Hello, everyone.  It's high season for parties!  On Friday, there was a party organized by a group of Japanese women in New York.  This group was founded on Facebook by Ms. Kiyoko Horvath who is a photographer and wedding planner.  More than 500 Japanese women in New York have registered as a member for this group!  Kiyoko has attended my cooking class, and I was asked to make beet and apple salad for this party.  I updated my recipe and added pomegranate.  This sweet and sour salad was very popular and complimented it saying that it was delicious. There was a lady who used to work as a chef in a famous restaurant in New York, and even she admitted that it was delicious. For that, I was grateful and honored.

There were many foods in the party!  I ate a lot, too!
The location was Caelum Gallery in Chelsea, and about 80 people attended the party.  Some of my cooking class also made it to the party. One of my students told me that she makes the "vegetables with sour miso formed with cercle" every time when she has guests at home and everyone is amazed and she is very happy with the complements!  Her story made me very happy, too!
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