Lobster Risotto ロブスターのリゾット

Hello, everyone.  When I had a dinner at Aria, the Italian restaurant in Hell's Kitchen some months ago, I had lobster risotto, and it was really delicious!  Since then, I was thinking about making lobster risotto myself, and I made it for Christmas dinner!  The risotto in Aria did not contain tomato, but I added tomato and put chopped parsley on the top.  It turned to be very different from the lobster risotto I had in Aria, but this was delicious, too!  Lobsters contain protein as well as astaxanthin which is an antioxidant.  Lobster is also a good source for zinc.  Tomato is rich in vitamin C and lycopene.  Parsley is high in vitamin C, A iron, and potassium. 
The dish in the background is creamed Brussels sprouts, chestnuts, bacon, and garlic.  This was pretty delicious, too! 
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