Kale Sprouts ケールスプラウト

It has been for a while for me to update my blog.  January and February are the busiest time of the year to me.  Although I am still very busy, I wanted to introduce kale sprouts.  A vendor in my local farmers market has been carrying kale sprouts for the past several weeks, but I have not bought them.  Today, the vendor suggested me to try them, saying "you can eat it in raw.  Try!'  So I tried it and I discovered that it was quite tasty!  According to this site, kale sprouts are rich in vitamin C, folic acid, and potassium, and contain double the amount of Vitamin B6 and twice the amount of Vitamin C than standard Brussels sprouts! 
I roasted these kale sprouts along with red kuri squash.  I roasted squash until they turned out to be soft, but I briefly roasted kale sprouts as they can be eaten in raw.  I mixed these with pickled artichokes and chopped peanuts.  This was simple yet delicious!  The vendor said to me that he thought the last weekend was the end of the season but he can probably still get them for the next two weeks.  So if you see them, I highly recommend you to try them!
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