YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class at NY Shikibukai in July 7月のNY式部会でのYOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class

Hello, everyone!  Now, I report on the classes in the New York Shikibukai in July.  The menus were cantaloupe gazpacho, hummus with parsley and rosemary and a couple of dishes with the hummus for a party, kale salad, and soupy rice with seafood and tomatoes.  
皆様、こんにちは!さて、ここでは7月のNY式部会でのYOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Classのご報告をさせていただきますね。メニューはメロンのガスパチョ、パセリとローズマリー入りフムスとそれを使ったおもてなし料理、ケールのサラダ、そしてシーフードとトマトのスープごはんです。
Majority of the vegetables, fruits, and seafood were purchased in the green markets in my local as well as near Shikibukai.  I was able to buy beautiful cherry tomatoes and that made me very happy!
The vendor selected sweet cantaloupes for me! 
In my class, I ask people to participate time to time.  Everyone looks enjoying this interactive style. 

Everyone was very interested in how to make a delicious kale salad! 

Here, there were some people who did not want to have cheese, so I did not use goat cheese for the kale salad.
This is the soupy rice with seafood and tomatoes.  It is similar to paella, but this is much easier than making paella. 
Lunch time!  Everyone kept on chattering in a relaxed mood.  At the end, I served iced tea, "Tropical Crimson" which contains hibiscus, rosehips, mint, and lemongrass from Physical GraffiTea.  This tea was well received, and some people mentioned, "I like it because it is not too sour, though hibiscus teas are usually sour."  If you are interested in, please check the website of Physical GraffiTea! 

The lady on the right is Ms. Rie Aoki who is the founder of the NY Shikibu-kai.  Rie is a professional life coach.  Thank you very much, Rie for your warm cooperation and support toward me!  The lady on the left is AK who is my friend and singer-song-writer.  AK is also the founder of her company, I FOR DREAM to help children's dreams come true.  If you are interested in, please check the website of I FOR DREAM.  AK has been very supportive to my dream about beauty food and I am very glad that she was able to join in my cooking class this time!
こちらの右側の女性が、NY式部会を主宰されている青木理恵さんです。理恵さんは、プロのライフコーチングをされていらっしゃいます。理恵さん、いつも温かいご協力とサポートをありがとうございます!左側の女性は、お友達でシンガーソングライターのAKさんです。AKさんは、I FOR DREAM という子供たちの夢をかなえるお手伝いをする会社を立ち上げた人でもあります。ご興味のおありの方は、I FOR DREAMのウエブサイトをご覧くださいね。AKさんは、美容食についての私の夢もとてもサポートしてくださっていて、今回私のお料理教室に参加してくださってとても嬉しかったです!