Scottish Salmon スコットランドサーモン

Hello, everyone!  Salmon is a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids, astaxanthin which is an antioxidant, as well as vitamin B-6 which would help to absorb protein, therefore salmon is very good for skin!  However, I have been hesitate to buy farmed salmons since I read about controversial situation about salmon farming.  At the same time, I have been wondering if all the farmed salmons can be harmful and I should avoid all.  The other day, I attended a cooking event by the chef Kakusaburo Sakurai from Wasan, the Japanese restaurant in East Village, and salmon sashimi was served in the event.  They were amazingly delicious!  I asked Mr. Sakurai about the salmons, and he said that they were farmed salmons in Scotland and they recently have a good reputation.  He suggested me to buy salmons from Japanese grocery stores if I eat them in raw.  I would do so if I eat them in raw, but I thought if I cook the salmons, those in the American super markets might be ok, therefore I looked for Scottish farmed salmons in local super markets.  I then found a super market where Scottish farmed salmons were available! 
These were the prices of other farmed salmons available in the same super market.  Scottish salmons were slightly more expensive compared to other farmed salmons.
I then prepared salmon meunière.  This was truly delicious!  Thank you very much, Mr. Sakurai!  From now on, when I buy farmed salmons, I would always look for Scottish salmons!  I also prepared beet risotto, and this risotto was pretty good, too!  I boiled beet greens and then sautéed them with butter, and they were very good as well!  I am very happy with this dish!
If you are in New York and have not tried Wasan, please check here!  They serve various amazing foods!