Dinner for A Cold Day 寒い日のための夕ごはん

Hello, everyone.  It has been very cold these days, and I try to eat food which makes my body warm.  Ginger, garlic, scallion, and sake kasu (the lees left over from sake production) are good examples of foods which make your body warm.  Your skin also benefits from an increase in blood circulation.  So, this was dinner I prepared for tonight!
The soup is sake kasu soup.  I love sake kasu soup!  It really makes the body warm!  I used this sake kasu which is available in Japanese grocery stores in New York and I mixed white miso, ginger and other seasonings into the soup. 
In addition to daikon, carrot, tofu, and scallion, I put monk fish as well in the soup.  I got very fresh monk fish in the local green market yesterday!
The salmon was marinated with soy sauce and ginger before it was grilled.  In cold season, I am often not in a mood of eating raw vegetables.  Instead, I like to eat roasted or briefly boiled vegetables.  I here roasted carrots, Brussels sprouts, and purple daikon and briefly boiled orange cauliflower.  I see lots of colorful vegetables in green markets these days!  I bought this purple daikon yesterday for the first time, and it was pretty delicious!
I prepared the sauce for these vegetables.  I got inspiration from Bagna càuda sauce, but I added white miso, grated ginger, and little bit of soy sauce.  This sauce was pretty good!
The rice is multi-grain rice with black soybeans.  I really like this rice and I feel very healthy!  I recently learned that putting ice cubes in rice right before we turn on the fire, the taste of rice would get better, and I put ice cubes today. 
Regarding the benefits for skin we can get from black soybeans, please check my past article

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