Persimmon 柿

Persimmons are in season!  Generally speaking, fruits are known to be rich in Vitamin C, but persimmons are particularly rich in Vitamin C!  Therefore, I would like to have persimmons as much as I can while they are in season.  For today's dinner, I grilled a wild salmon I bought yesterday and put fruity sauce made of persimmon, red bell pepper, and kiwi, and it was very delicious!  Red bell pepper and kiwi are also particularly rich in Vitamin C as well.  When I grilled the salmon, I used a little bit of balsamic vinegar.
Yesterday, I put persimmon in kale and quinoa salad.  This salad also includes kiwi, tomato, goat cheese as well as walnut.
Back in January, I made this as an appetizer and posted in my Facebook and it was quite popular.  I here used kiwi, cream cheese as well as pistachio.