Yoshiko Style Falafel with Olives オリーブ入りYoshikoスタイルファラフェル

I introduced chickpea balls with olives in the past article;  Then I realized that I was not supposed to cook chickpeas when I make falafel, so today, I soaked the chickpeas in water for 9 hours and then put them in food processor. After that, I did same as before and then deep fried the balls.  I think this was easier than the previous version and if I make a lot of these, I could freeze them and also this would be good as a finger food for a party!

I put chopped black olives so that it would be good to eat without any sauce, but in this case, I put only black pepper and I don't put salt, otherwise it would be too salty.  I use this pepper mill when I use peppers.   I bought this in Paris about 30 years ago when I was working as a designer in an apparel company in Tokyo and was sent to Paris for a business trip.  This is my favorite pepper mill and I hope I will be able to continue using this!