Princess Walking Lesson by Mayumi Tsutai 蔦井まゆみさんのプリンセスウォーキングレッスン

Hello, everyone.  The other day, I attended for a walking lesson which was a part of NY Shikibukai.   The reason why I took this class was because I wanted to learn beautiful walking style and posture.  Even if we eat beauty foods, if we cannot walk beautifully and we don't have a good posture, we don't look good, do we?  The location for the lesson was the Central Park.  The leaves have nice colors now!
The teacher was Ms. Mayumi Tsutai (right).  She has great looking legs!  The another major reason why I took her lesson was because I wanted to have beautiful legs like her.  When I got to know that she called this class "Princess Walking", I first thought, "I am not as young as any princess."  However, once the lesson was started, I realized why she used the word "princess" for this class.  I am not going to reveal the details of the class here, but the keywords for the beautiful walking style are "tiara" and "big gemstone"!
Here, Mayumi is showing how to walk down stairs beautifully.  To me, the walking stairs up and down beautifully was the hardest part and I need practice.
I learned many things in her class.  Thank you very much, Mayumi san!  I would highly recommend her class! 
Mayumi told me, "if your medial malleolus are attached with each other, your legs would look thinner than now."  While I was in her class, there was some gap between the medial malleolus, but when I got home, I realized that they were attached!  I got one result already!  A few days have passed, but they are still attached!