MatchaBar 抹茶バー

Hello, everyone!  I have written about the benefits we can get from matcha for skin.  For example, I wrote about that matcha contains lots of beta carotenes which have powerful antioxidants in this article.  I had also written about that matcha is Vitamin-C rich in this article.  Today, I would like to introduce the 'MatchaBar" which was opened in Brooklyn last month. 
The location is near the trendy Wythe hotel!  The building was built in 1910, and the owners spent three months to renovate the interior to open the MatchaBar.
They are the owners of the MatchaBar; Max and Graham Fortgang.  They are brothers and they started building their business with matcha right after they graduated from NYU.  They were looking for a beverage rather then coffee or energy drinks to keep themselves energized.  The person who first introduced matcha to them was Ilana, the owner of Physical Graffitea in East Village where I get hibiscus and rosehip tea!  What is the coincident!!
This is one of the most popular matcha drinks here.  The red color in the bottom is from water melon.  Another cold matcha drink blended with cucumber is also very popular.  Thanks to this MatchaBar, we now can get matcha drink quickly and easily! 30 gram of matcha powder in a cute tin can is also available.  All the matcha powders are coming from a particular farm in Nishio, Aichi. 
Some lunch items and sweets that contain matcha are available as well, and they have been very popular and have gone quickly!

For the interior, wall papers which present green tea leaves and flowers are from 1960's.  For the counter, old wood from old leather factory is used. 
In the back, a large table is set, and some books are available for reading.  Max and Graham would like to create a community here.  They plan to start serving matcha cocktails at night soon.

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For those who are in NY, I will be preparing food for the Fall Cleaning Party by HappyDoll on the 18th.  This is a fun charity event to clean up your closet and you may find something you would like to take home.  All the money you need to pay is $25.00 admission.  You can find about the Spring Cleaning Party this year here.  I look forward to seeing many people on the 18th!

Fall Cleaning PartySaturday, 10.18.14
2 - 5pm

What's Mine Is Yours
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1930 Broadway, 3rd Floor Party Room(btw. 64th & 65th)
$25 tax-deductible donation per person
(cash, checks, and credit cards accepted)

Bring your things - take home their things
And make new friends, all for a good cause!
(Bring your clean unwanted clothes, accessories, kitchenware, toys and anything else, ONLY in good condition)

All items remaining after the event will be donated.

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