Wild Rice Salad for a Potluck Party ポットラックパーティにお持ちしたワイルドライスサラダ

Hello, everyone!  Last night, I went to a potluck party in my friend's apartment.  I brought a wild rice salad with pomegranate, kale, beets, raisin, pistachio, sunflower seed, and lemon verbena!  The people who came were mainly mothers who have teenage children.  Everyone said, "delicious!"  There was one lady who said, "I normally do not like raisin, but I did not feel any problem with this."  I used organic raisins and I wonder if that was the reason why she did not have any unpleasant taste from the raisins.
There were many dishes with meat such as meat balls and chicken liver cooked with wine as well as beef and vegetable dish, despite of that it was a girl's night.  Everything was delicious and I had a great time.

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