Prosciutto 生ハム

Last week, I prepared finger foods with prosciutto and persimmon for an event ( please refer to ) and it was very well received!  I added a piece of grape tomato for the event, but mozzarella cheese works well for this, too!
先週、あるイベント( をご参照ください)で、生ハムと柿を使ったフィンガーフードをご用意させていただきましたが、とっても好評でした!イベントではグレープトマトを加えましたが、モッツレラチーズでもおいしいですよ!
I love prosciutto!  Although I try not to eat prosciutto too much because it is high in salt, prosciutto is rich in protein and can be used with various fruits and vegetables.  In addition to persimmon, it goes well with kabu or Japanese white turnip as well.  For example, this could be one of the ways I like them together; olive oil and black pepper are used here. 
Of course, the combination of persimmon, kabu, and prosciutto is another great way to eat them as well!