Green Market & Callaloo グリーンマーケットとカラルー

My Saturday is usually started with going to a local green market.  When I left my home, it was little bit raining but when I arrived, I did not need an umbrella.  Lucky!  I started with the fish vendor which always has a line.  I bought blue fish, clams, and squid today.

This is the bread vendor where I always buy San Francisco sourdough.  When the vendor sees my face, I even don't have to order.  He automatically pulls out a San Francisco sourdough and passes it to me.  lol
And then I bought Mutsu apples.
Last week for fava beans!?  I had to get them!
I also bought beets and cucumbers.  I am going to pickle one cucumber in salt koji (rice malt).

Kale is always $1.00 for a bunch in this volume in this vendor, while all other vendors sell the similar kale for $3.00.  Therefore, I always buy a bunch of kale here, but I did not buy kale today because other kind of leaf vegetable caught my attention.
I was not familiar with this so I asked the name and it was callaloo and I was explained that it is Caribbean spinach.  People who knew callaloo were happily picking this up without any hesitation, so I thought I should try this.  And this was only $2.00 per bunch in this volume!   Some leaves are as big as a palm of my hand.
However, when I checked the callaloo's nutrition facts later, I was so shocked to learn that it is calorie-dense and rich in carbohydrates and fat!  OMG!!!  I have never thought about that there is a leaf vegetable which is calorie-dense and rich in carbohydrates and fat.  Buy I have to use this for something.  I hate to waste food! 

So I mixed callaloo with clam and tomato pasta tonight.  Clam is iron-rich food which is important for beauty food.  Of course, I would enjoy simple pasta with clams only but by adding tomatoes, we can get lycopene which would be helpful for skin lightning.  By adding callaloo, this dish looks pretty, doesn't it?  The callaloo certainly smells like spinach and the taste was good, too.  Of course, I reduced the amount of the pasta more than usual here as I added callaloo.  But I still have a lot of callaloo!  OMG.  When I get another good idea, I will let you know!