Canapé with Hummus フムスを使ったカナッペ

It seems that many people usually use hummus with pita breads.  I think hummus could work well with many other breads except very soft ones.  The other day, my friend M was saying that she loved hummus but she was concerned about that she tended to eat too much breads when she had hummus.  Then I got an idea!  That is canapé with hummus!
I sliced a baguette and then spreaded my homemade hummus and then put chopped tomatoes and black olives or roasted red bell peppers and then sprinkled chopped parsley or rosemary.  I also used sliced cucumbers as well for people who don't to want have any carbohydrate.  I usually like Japanese cucumbers than American cucumbers but in this case, the American cucumbers with the hard skin would work better than Japanese cucumbers.  This color combinations would look good on Christmas party!  The taste?  Of course, they were very delicious!