Watermelon and Tomato Gazpacho & Smoothie スイカとトマトのガスパチョ&スムージー

The other day, my friend Y asked me about food which would lighten her skin tone.  Lycopene is known to be helpful for lightening skin tone, and watermelons and tomatoes are, I believe, the most well-known lycopene-rich foods.  This week, it has been little hotter in New York compared to the last few weeks, therefore, I prepared watermelon and tomato gazpacho!  This soup would have lots of power of lycopene!  I also added onions, cucumbers, as well as olive oil and then put some watermelon balls and chopped parsley on the top!  It looks pretty, doesn't it?  And the taste was so refreshing!  I could have this almost every day!
The watermelon I used was the one I bought in the local green market last Saturday.  I bought a small one and it was $3.00!  Although I know that watermelon especially contains lycopene, I don't feel like I want to buy watermelons in supermarket in off season, therefore, during summer, I try to buy watermelons as much as I can to replenish lycopene! 
By the way, what have you been doing with the watermelon skins after you eat the red parts?  Have you eaten the watermelon skins?  When I found that watermelon skins were edible last summer for the first time, I pickled them with Chinese flavor and they were so good!  I recently did some research on the watermelon skins, and found that the white watermelon skins contain citrulline which is known to improve blood circulation.  This article, is one of those articles which explain about it.  In that case, I would like to make an effort to eat the skins as well!  By the way, the hard skin has to be removed!
This is the pickled watermelon skins with sweet and sour seasonings I recently prepared. They were so good!
The watermelon skins can be added into a salad, too!
For smoothie, I used both red parts and skins as well as tomatoes and pineapples to add sweetness.  This was also very refreshing taste!  I will make this again and again for sure!