Deep Fried Sea Robins with Kiwi Sauce ホウボウのから揚げ、キーウィソース添え

For today's dinner, I prepared deep fried sea robins!  The fish vendor in the local green market had sea robins this morning, and I bought some.  I usually sauté them in olive oil, but today, for the first time, I deep fried them and then put Vitamin C rich kiwi sauce and olive oil on the side.  The combination of this kiwi sauce and the deep fried sea robins was better than I expected!  Sea Robin seems to be a fish which relatively contains protein and potassium.  Protein is necessary to produce collagen and potassium is known to be helpful for speeding up metabolism. 
These are the sea robins I got from the green market.  They are always inexpensive and the taste is pretty good!
The tomatoes and watermelons I used for the salad were also those I bought from the green market this morning, so they were very fresh and tasty! This is the salad to replenish lycopene which would be good for lightening skin tone!

By the way, today, there was a little something which made me happy!  I always buy a San Francisco sour dough bread from the Bread Alone Bakery, so they remember me very well.  Today, when one of the guys recognized that I was approaching to the vendor, he put a San Francisco sour dough bread into a paper bag and as soon as I arrived, he handed it out to me.  He then gave me a small paper bag when he gave me my change. 
I wonder what he gave me and then looked into the bag; there was a piece of small bread with raspberry!  Wow!  I love this kind bread, too!  Lucky!  It was my first time to receive bonus from this vendor, but that made me feel good!  I had that for breakfast and it was yummy!