Spagetti with Corn, Bacon, and Spinach コーンとベーコンとホウレンソウのスパゲティ

I have been with my computer all day today to reply for the invitations for the New York Fashion Week and confirm schedules with my photographer, etc.  When I do not move around, I want to avoid getting too much carbohydrate.  Also, I cannot spend much time for cooking now.  Therefore, I prepared spaghetti with corn, bacon, and spinach for dinner.  As I used corn, I reduced the amount of pasta and I feel the amount was just right!  I added corn when I was boiling the pasta, and I added spinach at the end and then turned off the fire.  I gently cooked the slices of garlic until golden brown at the same time I was cooking the bacon, and then put the garlic chips on the top!   I was able to reduce cooking time, the color combination was pretty, I was able to reduce the amount of pasta, and also the taste was good!
I also prepared roasted beets and red onions with rosemary.  This is a vegetable dish without any effort required!  I don't peel the skins of beets away; I just cut them and coated them with salt, pepper, and olive oil and then put them in toaster oven!  It is so easy, and the taste is sweet and good!